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Measure your customers effortlessly from wherever place they are.

Use OVTMT to pull the measurements of your customers when they are not in the same location with you just like using the real live tape measure

the problem

You're a tailor that prefers to measure your customers yourself but tired of the difficulty with measuring customers that are not available in person.

the solution

Measure your customers with ease regardless of their distance, inconvenience, or time constraint barriers. 

The OVTMT does not displace the tape measure. Rather, the OVTMT complements the tape measure so that you are able to measure your customers who are not physically present.

The OVTMT is not precalculated centric unlike other body measurement apps. Just like how a true tailor would measure customers in person, the OVTMT allows you to measure your customers directly on your electronic device. 

What you will gain

Efficiently serve your long distant customers

 No more distance barriers that limits tailors from having customers all over the world. Confidently measure your long-distance customers using OVTMT. 

Speed and Accuracy

Save time, energy and resources. As client submits scan, you receive the scan in less than 2 minutes and get to measuring your customers effortlessly without delay. 

Easy to set up

Easy to set up and use. No extra gadgets. All you need is your mobile device or computer. 

Convenience and Accessibility

Customers from anywhere in the world can easily submit their scan to you to get measured for their apparels and you can measure them at anytime. It's a win-win!

Our Benefits

Are you a Customer needing to get Your Body Measurements? No more spending hours trying to measure yourself or looking for a tailor to measure you. 

Save time getting measured by using the OVTMT app 

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How it works

No additional kit or scanning booth required for customers. All you need are 2 photos using the OVTMT app on your smart device and your 3D anonymized representation will be generated. Then save scan. 

Generate Body Scan

No photos saved. Generated Body scans are completely anonymous and private. As a customer, save time and resources by generating your scan within minutes and submitting it to your professional tailor to measure you immediately. You can send body scans to an individual tailor or as many tailors as you want. For reference, you have record of your important girth measurements of your 3D. 

To get body measurement


As a Custom Clothier or tailor, you are able to access customers' measurements, make notes and comments, archive client portfolio and can re-measure if needed. 

To generate a Body Scan

Intuitive Measurements

No need for precalculated measurements! The OVTMT allows the tailor to obtain the necessary measurements at their discretion. The tailor can measure on the 3D model just like they use the measuring tape in the real world. 

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Measure the body
Our Approaches



Including custom clothiers, fashion designers who need to get accurate body measurements of their client:

  • Receive 3D body scans directly from up to 10 customers per month

  • Perform unique manual measurements of each customer 

  • You have access to your customers' measurements as many times as possible

  • You are able to create sub-user account for scan creation if necessary


To Save 3D Body Scan

Person who wants to get a body scan and body measurement:​

  • Scan, Save and Get your 3D

  • You have a summary of your measurement for your record

  • Able to send saved 3D model to your tailor or multiple tailors as you want

  • You have access to your 3D for up to 6 months

  • You're able to create a sub-user account for additional persons at no cost

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OVTMT on web browser

How Does it Work
  • Do I have to follow all the requirements to scan?
    Yes, it is important to follow all the instructions in order to get an accurate 3D model of yourself.
  • Is the scanning process private?
    Yes, only you or the person taking the photo can see what you are doing. All photos taken are converted to 3D model before sending to the tailor. We do not store the photos.
  • Can I send my 3D model to just any tailor?
    Yes, you can. Provided they are registered to OVTMT
  • How do I find my tailor on the OVTMT platform?
    You will be able to find your tailor in the "submit to tailor" section when they share their registered username or company/business name with you.
  • As a customer, can I add other people to my account?
    Yes, you can add sub-users. Click on the add button in your profile page.
  • As a customer, how long is my 3D scan saved in my archive?
    It is saved for 6 months.
  • As a Tailor, how long are customers’ 3D scans saved in my body scan archive?
    The customers’ 3D scans in your archive, whether measurements already obtained or not, are saved for 6 months.
  • As a tailor, can I add other people to my account?
    No, you cannot add other tailors to your account as the license is not transferable.
  • As a Tailor, can I unsubscribe at any time?
    Yes, you can. You can unsubscribe on your device. Or just contact us and we will unsubscribe you.
  • Do I have to have a subscription to use the app to scan as a customer?
    No, customers do not subscribe. It is free sign up and you can make multiple scan attempts. You are only charged $5.99 to save a scan.
  • Can I subscribe for one month at a time?
    Yes, certainly. You can choose our monthly subscription plan option.
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